Challenge Accepted!

The other day, I was browsing some readings in my Flipboard and stumbled upon this article by Chris Bailey, entitled “10 Lessons I Learned from a Year of Productivity Experiments”. Instead of accepting 2 job offers, Bailey dedicated a year on productivity, reading about the topic, making his own personal experiments, documenting his progress and sharing productivity hacks to those like us that ever constantly find ways to be more productivity at work and life in general.

Beyond the ideas and the tactics he has shared, I was truly inspired by the way he invested his time and energy on his year of productivity project. His commitment to that project is admirable.

Let’s just say I’m quite the opposite. I admit I’m easily filled with excitement and energy with the thought of a new project. This blog has been set up and sitting for months, and now is the first time I’ve actually written anything. What I do well in planning and brainstorming of ideas, I lack in following through. After a few days or even hours of coming up with new ideas, I scrape them altogether or push them further in my backlog until all they are a bunch of almost ideas, which is more like wasted energy.

My friend Dwein once shared with me a metaphor about how a creative idea like a story or that moment of inspiration that propels you to write is like an intangible thing floating on air and passing through space to space. There are moments when it is just near you, surrounding you or close at bay. All you have to do is catch it and own it. And in that transition from emptiness to being consumed of overflowing thoughts, you write, write, and write. If you just let the metaphorical floating bubble of inspiration pass you by, you are missing out on a fulfilling journey of discovery and creation.

In this context, how small or big the idea is, what matters is that you have made something out it. You can start small, and then in practice, you hone your skills, you catch better ideas, you build your learnings along the way. The challenge now is to take the first step.

And so here we go…

Let this be not another start or an almost idea. Let’s make this last a bit more and hope we get a kick out it. I say it like Barney Stinson, “Challenge accepted!” Here’s to following through.. Hope you stick around 🙂

Barney Stinson